I gave him a reason to exist. I fixed him.

  • Dean: we throw punches at anything that moves and if they insist on taking us down, we take down as many as we can with us!
  • John: I like it!
  • Me: YES!
  • John: the whole Batman thing...does not fit you.You're more like the Joker.
  • Dean: why so serious?
  • Me: YES!!!!

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Why so serious?

—The best thing Dean Ambrose has ever said. (via ambrosefest)

I even subscribe to the Network for an undisclosed monthly sum~

—Mick Foley trolling and giving me feels! (via whatwwe)


Dean: “You’re a smart guy, you’re no Dummy”




that creepy backstage bit from the 2005 Royal Rumble: pt. 1

Weirdest shit in history.